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Nature experience on and around our campsite

Behind our nature campsite we have our own large nature reserve of approximately 5 hectares, on which there are various hiking trails that we have constructed. The walking paths on the site feature various Brabant tree species, including rough willows, oaks, beech, hawthorn and hazel. The fields have various grasses and flower species, so that a wide range of colors appears during the flowering periods. Partly because of this beautiful terrain, we have one of the most beautiful nature campsites in Het Groene Woud. Our plot also connects to the Dommeldal, with the river De Dommel, which can be seen as one of the most beautiful stream valleys in the Netherlands. Behind the Dommeldal is the Vresselse Bos with an area of 241 hectares, in which two important fen complexes are located: De Hazenputten and De Oude Putten. These fen complexes are also definitely worth a visit.

Dogs are also allowed at our campsite under certain conditions,

where we have also cordoned off part as a dog playing field. For more information, go to camping with a dog .

Our nature reserve...

Below you will find some images of our nature reserve and the flora and fauna that occur

nature landscape collage
nature reserve Koninginnenpage.JPG
Cockchafer collage.JPG
nature reserve vista.JPG
nature and butterflies.jpg
grass tussock nature reserve
Nature area behind the campsite...

Below you will find some images of the nature reserves, which are all within walking distance of our nature campsite.

Vressels Bos 2.JPG
Vressels Bos 8.jpg
Vressels Bos 3.jpg
grass tussock nature reserve

On our Facebook page you will find many more nature photos from our nature reserve and the immediate surroundings.

Nature reserve at De Graspol
River at De Graspol
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