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If you wish to go camping with your dog, we are also happy to offer you the option. However, since there are also many campers who prefer not to be in direct contact with other people's dogs, we have decided to make part of our site dog-free and to allow a maximum of 1 dog per camping pitch . In consultation with the management, 2 pets may be allowed on the comfort pitches. The field with numbers 401 to 422 is completely pet-free. In this way we hope for more understanding between campers and we think we can better meet the wishes of all our campers.

A special exception rule applies to guests who may not have a dog themselves but are expecting visitors who wish to bring their dog (see " Our comfort places ...").
Campsite entrance
Our comfort places...

Our spacious comfort pitches are partly intended for camping with dogs. The pitches and grounds numbered 307 to 314 are accessible to dogs. These places are also made available exclusively to dog owners. The pitches and grounds with numbers 401 to 422 are completely dog-free.

Campers with dogs are exceptionally allowed on pitches and grounds numbered 301 to 306 and 315 to 320 . Visitors with dogs are only allowed in places numbered 301 to 320!

Camping with dogs
Camping pitch with dog
The nature reserve...

We have our own nature reserve of approximately 5 hectares. where you can also go for a walk with your dog. The dog must always be on a leash both at the campsite and on the nature reserve. To the left of the campsite we have created a dog playing field where you can let your dog loose to run laps or play with other dogs. Just outside the campsite you can also let your dog swim in De Dommel and in the adjacent Vressels Bos there is an area where dogs are allowed off leash.

Natural area
Rules for dog owners...

Campers must always walk their dog(s) outside the camping area. The access road to the camping pitches is also not an outlet. Guests can walk off the site with their dog through the gate at the rear or via the front entrance.

If the dog unexpectedly does its business at the campsite, the owner must clean it up neatly. Excrement must also be cleaned up on the nature reserve and the dog playing field and deposited in the residual waste bin at the front of the campsite or the specially designated waste bins. There is a waste bin for dog waste at both the rear entrance to the campsite and the dog playing field.

If you are going away from the campsite for a day, you are not allowed to leave the dog unattended on the campsite.

Since fields numbered 401 to 422 do not allow pets, it is not possible to take your pet to the sanitary building.

Our standard places...

On our standard camping pitches, a maximum of 1 dog is allowed on pitches 211 to 216. Visitors with dogs are not allowed on these pitches. Since these places are limited in terms of surface area, you must take extra account of your fellow campers. Also, no sheep net is allowed here and the dog must remain on a leash. For more space, we have several comfort places available for dogs.

Our sanitary facilities...

Dogs are not allowed in and around the sanitary building. If you go to the sanitary building, the dog must remain on the camping site.

Campsite sanitary facilities
Dog playing field...
Dog playing field
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